Speech and Language Therapy
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Talking Toolbox - Therapy Sessions in St Helens

Personalised Speech Therapy in St Helens
Designed for Your Child, 45-60 Minutes

Welcome to Talking Toolbox St Helens, where we offer premier Speech Therapy services to foster your child's communication growth. Our initial assessments are a playful yet insightful journey into understanding your child's communication style.

Therapy sessions with us are an adventure in learning and enjoyment, uniquely tailored to support your child's speech and language development. We create an environment where every child is eager to learn and improve.

Expert Speech Therapist in St Helens

Parental involvement is not just encouraged, it's part of our therapy ethos. We offer practical activities that easily fit into your daily life, reinforcing the progress made in therapy sessions.

We believe in a united front. If your child is receiving NHS speech therapy, we seamlessly coordinate with their therapist. This unified approach is vital for consistent and effective progress in your child's communication abilities.

Embark on a Journey to Enhanced Communication


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