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Talking Toolbox - Therapy Sessions

Bespoke Speech Therapy Sessions in Wigan
Tailored to Your Child, Speech Therapy in Wigan

Discover the path to clearer communication for your child with Talking Toolbox, the leading Speech Therapy service in Wigan. Our initial assessment is thorough yet playful, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your child's unique needs.

Our therapy sessions are far from your standard fare. They're a lively, engaging blend of fun and learning, meticulously crafted to your child's individual communication requirements. We believe in therapy that children look forward to!

Speech Therapist in Wigan

And there's more. You're not just observers in this journey; we equip you with easy-to-integrate home activities. These are designed to seamlessly blend into your daily routine, reinforcing the skills learnt during our sessions.

Collaboration is key. If your child is already under the care of an NHS Speech and Language Therapist, we're more than happy to work in tandem. This ensures a harmonious approach to achieving your child's speech and language goals.

Begin Your Child's Journey to Better Communication


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