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Talking Toolbox - Therapy Sessions in Preston

Speech Therapy in Preston
Catered Speech Therapy in Preston for your Child

Talking Toolbox Preston, your destination for Speech Therapy. Our initial assessment is a fun and insightful exploration into your child's world of communication, laying the groundwork for tailored therapy sessions.

Therapy with us is a delightful mix of learning and play, uniquely adapted to encourage your child's speech and language journey. Our sessions are designed to be something your child eagerly anticipates.

Speech Therapist in Preston

We're big on family involvement. We provide practical, easy-to-implement activities for home use, enhancing the therapy experience and ensuring continuity of progress.

Cooperation with your child’s existing NHS speech therapist is part of our ethos. We strive for a cohesive therapy plan, ensuring a smooth and effective speech development process.

Launch Your Child’s Speech Journey


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